Active Cold Case Investigations




 Brianna Maitland has been missing since March 19, 2004.

She was last seen leaving work at the Black Lantern Inn, Montgomery VT at 11:20pm. Her car was found approximately1 mile away, backed into an abandon farm house. Brianna has been the subject of a TV segment of DISAPPEARED. HMI LLC became involved in the case in 2017.

SInce that time, We have developed a close working relationship with the Major Crime Unit of the Vermont STate Police. New, fresh leads have been developed and are being actively investigated. Investigors have also appeared on several; Crawlspace Podcasts on her disapearnce.



Brandon left his residence in San Angelo Texas after an argument with his fiancee, headed to his fathers home some 3.5 hours away, omn August 8, 2013 . He phoned his brother at approximately 11:30 pmand asked him to bring him some gas as he had run out just south of Bronte on Rte 277. Brandon then made a 9-1-1 call that at times was incoherent. Jasons brother arrived on the scene at he same time  as a deputy sheriff. There was no sign of Brandon and he has not been seent since.

Investigators have faciliitated communications between the friends, family and police. Recently permission was received to do a drone search of the rugged terrain. That was followed by a foot search. A second is scheduled for April 2021.



Through our affiliation with Private Investigations for the Missing, we have been assisting in the investigation into the disapearnce of Erica Franolich  some 30 years ago since October 13, 1986

Information uncovered was recently the subject of a Crawlspace video.



On November 17, 2001, Dean Webster was shot and killed in his yard in Rochester Vermont.  We are working in conjunction wih the Vermont State Police in solving this case.

Tips on any of the above cases  may be emailed to  or call 1-413-255-0212


Nathaniel Acevedo  Hodge dob 9/9/1995  (PIFTM case)

Missing from his home in GermanTown MD since 2//24/2011. Subject was located living in Rockville MD

Samantha Tapp

Missing from her home in Burlson Texas since  . HMI LLC is in the process of being hired as a consultant on the case by Burlson PD

Denaia Kimberly Durham akaGillespie (PIFTM case)

Missing from her home in Marietta Georgia since 10/10/2017. Subject was found to have changed her name and was fine as of the summer of 2020.